Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New again desk

We decided to move our office to the first floor at home, so I was on the hunt for a desk.  After much searching I wound up at the JOT EM DOWN store in Forney Tx.  I found a desk in my price range and after some negotiations (pointing out that it needed work) I got a 25% discount off of the asking price.  Most of their antiques come from Europe so I think this desk is some kind of European Oak.

I had to take it apart as soon as I got it home to get it into the garage, so I didn't take a good before picture.
The wood was in good shape but someone thought these handles looked good!

  It needed lots of work.  Years of finish and dirt had to come off.

I had to glue several sections back together to strengthen them.
It has two great pull out boards that create additional work surfaces. 
They are hidden under the top when they are put away and pull out over the drawers on both sides when in use.

The top had a faux leather middle piece which looked good but had black spots on it, 
It was dated 1979 so it was not original but added later,  it had to come off and will not be reused.

The drawers were an indicater that the piece was very old judging by the construction and craftsmanship.  They were dovetailed both on the front and the back of the drawers.
This is not used in newer pieces and another indicater that it is old traditional construction.
New desks may have dovetailing in the front but almost always are butt jointed in the back where most people wouldn't look.  The grain in the wood was real great.

So I started stripping and sanding all of the pieces. It took about 6 hours to get them all done.

Once the sanding was done I chose dark walnut, rub on stain.
As the stain went on and soaked into the grain on the top the texture started to come to life.

Here is a close up of the grain on the top before the finish wax was applied. 
Even here you can see the great variations in the grain that almost give it a tiger stripe effect.

Once all of the striping ,sanding and staining was done(out on the hot driveway),
I brought the parts inside to assemble and put the finish wax on. It was much cooler inside!
The modesty panel was missing so I fabricated one to replace the missing peice.
It did wonders to make the whole desk sturdier.

The new hardware, with the old antique look, that fits much better than the previous hardware.
As my mother would say "Looks Rich!"

I decided not to varnish or seal the stain, instead I applied a traditional hand rubbed wax finished.
The grain on the top is incredible and really came out when the wax was applied.

I like it so much that it will not be covered by any leather center piece.

Now that this is done the plan is to finish bringing the rest of the furniture down this weekend.

Stay tuned for more pictures of the room shortly!

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Can't wait to see how ALL that furniture is going to fit in that small room@@@@