Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Texas Skies

I love to take pictures of the dramatic skies we have here in Texas.
Last Sunday we in Anna, the sun was out, the clouds were thin and the moon was visable in the sky.

Suddenly, as often happens in Texas,
the wind came up and the clouds started to form.

The clouds continued to build.
The sun refused to let go of the day as it continued to strike out around the clouds.

It looked like the sun beams might win!

Then...just as suddenly, the wind shifted and the clouds continued to build.

The many shapes were magnificent and all types of clouds appeared.
They continues to darken as we were captivated but the changing skies.
Ever hopeful...the sun eluminated the top of the clouds showing us how strong it really was.

But even as strong as the sun was, the clouds would not be detered and continued to build.

We saw all forms of couds throughout the evening as they kept channging.

Then as evening wore on the colors started to explode!

Rich Burnt Oranges...

Blues and Pinks...

Dark Oranges and even Blacks.

They swirled and danced in the sky right before our eyes.

How magnificant is your creation Lord! How dramatic are your canvases.
How timeless are your scenes.

Yet ever hopeful and promising of the kindness of your Love.

Don't let life pass you by.

Take time every day to notice one thing that God created for you to enjoy.

It's His gift to all of us!