Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to eat a building

Yesterday I drove down Abrams Rd in Dallas and found this happening to one of the office buildings.

This building has been around for a long time and seems to have outlived it's usefulness. I noticed two machines, much smaller then the building, making short work of bringing it to it's knees.

One machine had a long neck with small but powerful jaws. It would reach into the building and tear chunks out.

It kept nibbling away at the bones of the building.

He was digging for the big stuff.
Each time a big part came out, several others would spill out!
Parts were falling everywhere.

The smaller machine had a small neck but a big mouth and great big teeth.
This blue machine kept returning to the little machine looking for scraps.
He happily filled up the blue machine.

They worked as a team. The big machine would toss his leftovers to the little guy.
Once the blue truck had his fill he took off for some exercise.

The little machine kept picking up the scraps the big was throwing his way.
He was very choosy thou and kept picking out only the good stuff to keep for himself.

He picked thru the pile looking for just the right stuff.

He seemed to liked the dark pieces best.
The blue truck must have told his friends cuz soon others arrived.
I think the little machine was glad to get rid of the scraps he didn't like.

I went by today and they were resting, I guess they eat too much yesterday!

The blue truck was back and could do nothing but wait.
Maybe I'll go back tomorrow to see if they are up to finishing off the building.

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