Saturday, June 11, 2011


Debi is away at a creative workshop for the weekend so I'm getting creative here at home. Currently we have a guest bedroom downstairs and an office upstairs. Here are some pictures:

The office.

We decided to swap the rooms so I started the process of making the change.

First I cleaned out the downstairs room.

I used the opportunity to make some decorative changes to our dining room.

Do you think Debi will like it???

I did get the carpet cleaned with a steam cleaner.

But the I got distracted and went outside to build a platform for our barbecue off the deck out back. I built the deck and the cover earlier this year.

The distraction was not a total loss because I did get the shelves cut for the closet to be installed in the new office.

I quit for the day because a close friend was in town and visiting with her was a perfect excuse to break for the day. That's where I'll pick up today.

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