Monday, February 9, 2009

Winter Wonderland in Texas

One of the greatest things about living in Texas is that the weather here is wonderful 53 weeks out of the year. A few days a year we get to experience the wonder of the frozen world of winter.
Having grown up in Canada I used to experience this for about 5 months every year. Sure don't miss that!
The best thing about our winter days is that they only last for about a day or two. So the challenge is that when it does freeze up you have to be fast to get some good pictures of the event.
The ice usually comes at night so I went out late that night with a tripod and captured some pictures using only the street lights.
This is our tree out in front of the house.

The rose bushes were trapped by the frozen water.
It's incredible that the water dripping from this leaf would freese before it had a chance to fall off. I wonder how many drips were captured and frozen in place to create this.
As I caught the light coming through the the Icicles the light exploded into these bursts of light. No specials filters were used.

Here I was able to capture mulitiple bursts of light.

The next morning the icicles were even longer. It had continued to drizzle all night and the frozen water continued to build.
The sunlight made everything glitter.
It really is incredible to see how the ice holds the life of this plant in a suspended state.
Here are a couple more pictures capturing the light bursting through.
It's now almost the middle of February, we probably will not experience this again till next year.
This summer when we are back in the 100's... I'll pull these images up and remember the coldness of the night when I was out taking these pictures.
Maybe they will provide some soothing coolest on a hot sticky night.