Sunday, March 22, 2009

The tool fanatic that I am leads me to "tool up" those around me.
This week I bought Lauren a tool kit. Last week she obvserved that everyone else in her family had a tool kit! So I found a kit for her and gave it to her Friday. To my surprise it was the same one her mom has and Lauren was thrilled.
It all started when I showed her the tool kit I was collecting for her brother, Austin.
I found this incredible wooden kids tool set.
It was missing severval pieces. One trip to Canton replaced the missing ones and provided even more pieces for the kit. The wooden mallet, the planner and the blue screw driver came with the kit.

The wooden square was in the kit when I purchased it but everything else on this side was added. Notice the little level.

The kit has everything he will need. Emily had one of these kits when she was little and she spent many hours building things. But alas Austin is only one and many of these tools are still too dangerous for him to play with. We tried the other night and he was determined to hammer Grema's table.

The next day I found a pattern with wooden tools for kids.
We also found this neat tool box at McKinney Trade days.
Here are the tools in the holder.

Tool One: a hammer.

Of course you need a Chisel.

Here they are together.

It's important to have a planner to smooth out the wood.

Glue to join the wood.

A square is really important to get those cut at 90 degrees.

A saw is one of the most important tools. How else would you get the wood down to the right size?

Here they are all together. I used different woods and stains to create the look and feel of real tools.

This afternoon they will get a final coat of wax and then they will be ready for Mr Austin.

Stay tune he will be here this afternoon to claim them!