Friday, September 12, 2008

"Grand" children

As I get older and learn to slow down, I have gained an even greater appreciation for the simple pleasures of life. That realization causes me to be amazed at the spirit of my "Grand" Children. They truly are "GRAND" in their approach to life as a constant adventure. Daily they learn about new things and new places, every day is new and fresh. Every new discovery is a great wonder!

Lauren our oldest(6yrs old) is always smiling and always happy. Here she is with her cousin Gabby as they participate in a grand tea party. Life is one big party for her and I hope she will always feel that way!

This summer debi and I had the pleasure of taking Lauren, her brother - Austin (more on him later) and our daughter Ashley (their Mom) to Canada.

It was a great trip, one of the highlights being our visit to Niagara Falls. As she saw the falls for the first time it was amazing to see the wonder in her eyes. She had never see anything of this magnitude...even though we live in Texas and everything is bigger there!

She was amaze and couldn't see enough at first!

Here we both are doing the "Tourist" thing!

Here is one with Mom and Austin.

And here are Austin and Grema at the German Food Restaurant...great food!

Austin (6mo) really was a great traveler too. Being so young I know He didn't make the memories that Lauren made but he was always happy and fun to be with.
We had a great time. Lauren was constantly finding new treasures.
Maple Leaves were one of her favorites.

We spend 10 wonderful days together that I will never forget.

It was great showing her where I grew up.

The house I grew up in.

Introducing her to Uncle Hans...more on him in another issue!

It was the type of trip that impacts you for the rest of your life, life at it's fullest...what we should strive to live everyday!

It was incredible watching her sense of adventure as new things kept happening everyday. Her sense of wonder is inspiring. When we as adults keep our eyes on our children we too can keep life fresh as we see the world through their eyes. To often we let the grind of making a living take the living out of us.

Children never forget to stop and smell the Roses, we need to learn from them.

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