Wednesday, February 9, 2011

snow birds

It's February 9th in Mckinney Texas.
We've had unusual winter weather this year and today it sleeted and snowed again.
Tonight the temperature is going down to 9 degrees!
I love to feed the local birds in my back yard,  today we had some incredible visitors show up.

 This blue jay comes often but the woodpecker at the feeder was a first time visitor.
 He was absolutely beautiful!
 Kept pecking at the frozen seeds at the bottom of the feeder.
 He has a long powerful beak.
 He stayed for a long time.
 Every once in a while he would look up as if looking for something or listening for something.
 This little guy showed up in our little girl statue's lap.
 Here was another visitor.
 They were looking for seeds on the ground.
 This guy didn't seem to mind the snow.
 He was also working the seeds.
 The feeders were busy.
 They didn't seem to mind sharing.
 Notice the feeder with the snow and ice in the background.

 This feeder was very busy.
 It's always interesting that different breeds don't mind being together.
 This beautiful green finch hung around.
 His neck and head were bright yellow.
                                              He stayed busy breaking seeds out of the ice.
                                                                Are you looking at me?
                                                                       Taking a break.
                                                          There were several of them

                                                                     Busy place.


                                              His neck seemed to glow bright yellow.
                                              Notice the bright yellow spot on the hip.
                                          He had really incredible white and black wing feathers.
 Lot of these always show up.
 These little guys visit all the time.
 These two decided to park themselves on the frozen bird bath.
 Tried to get comfortable,  he just finished feeding on ground below.
 He fluffed up to keep warm.
 Then snuggles in for a stay.
He looked quite happy even though the wind was blowing and it was about 16 degrees.