Sunday, August 14, 2011

Creating a shelf

I have searched for a shelf to hang in my home office. The search has not gone well and I haven't found the right on. On Saturday we were at the antique mall in Allen and I saw several old drawers that gave me an idea.

I found two shelves that look like this one.

And a third one that was different.

I knew I had several pieces of scrap lumber that I could use to put these together. First I cut a piece of plywood for the back.

Then I ripped several pieces for shelves to put into the drawers.

Here is one of the drawers with the shelves installed.

The third shelf wound up a little different because it already had a divider down the middle of the drawer.

Next I figured out how to attach all three drawers onto the one connecting piece. Note the closest drawer has a small divider to make it different.

I tried several positions for the middle drawer trying to get it just right.

I decided to center the middle drawer between the other two drawers.
Next I put a board along the top to tie the outside two together and secure them.

Once all the pieces were secured I decided to paint everything black. As the black went on it seemed to tie everything together and it all came together.

A little more paint and it's starting to come into focus. It will take some more coats of black to finish and maybe some accent color. On the back I attached a long piece with an angle cut that will match up to a second piece mounted on the wall. More photos of the mounting to come.

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