Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I love to take pictures. The best images I have taken have been of my family. The one displayed here was taken on the night that my grandson Austin was born. He was barely one hour old and the nurses took him to the nursery to do the usual work up. "Daddy Mike", my son in law stayed with him and several time Austin reached up to hold onto his finger. Mike is a wonderful Dad, this picture captures his love for his new son.

This is my granddaughter holding her brand new brother who is only 30 minutes old at this point. I love the way that she is just beaming love as she examines him.
She will be a great "Big Sister"

I heard a song the other day and one of the lines went like this: " It's not who you know or what you have done, but it's how you lived that counts".

These last few weeks have been incredibly busy. Days seem to fly by and sometimes it becomes a blur! We celebrated our 33 wedding anniversery last Saturday. I am truly blessed with a wonderful wife.

But in those moments when I am able to slow down I love to reflect on the family that God has given to me. They are such a blessing to me and really make me feel loved.

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